Sunday, June 3, 2012

Join the World Tech Jam

Brainstorm ideas to address urgent challenges facing our world

Join the World Tech Jam running from June 5 to 7 and share your perspectives with decision makers from around the world on common issues and challenges affecting all of us. IBM and the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) are co-hosting the jam in advance of the WCIT 2012 Conference in Montreal, October 22-24. The output of the World Tech Jam will help to create a Digital Society Action Plan at the conference to inform, inspire and guide decision makers as they formulate policy for the future.

“When compared to conventional engagement techniques, jamming or digital brainstorming has many advantages,” said Anthony Williams, WCIT 2012 Program Chair. “And for the first time, IT users around the world will lead the conversation. This event will give users a voice – this is a giant step for the IT world and a first.”

The Jam provides a rare opportunity for you to:
•  collaborate with experts you normally would not have access to
•  find out what’s on people’s minds in key policy areas and add your perspective
•  contribute as a professional and a citizen
•  showcase yourself as an expert and a leader in your field

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Five forums

Participate in any or all of the five forums to discuss, suggest and debate around policies impacting the IT industry's growth and development – specifically opportunities and challenges affecting the digital society and some of the biggest issues that affect all of us.

1. Collaborative Healthcare

Hosts: Sean Hogan, IBM Vice President, Global Healthcare Delivery Systems and Richard Alvarez, CEO, Canada Health Infoway

Provide insights into the future of healthcare innovation, and discover how citizens can get directly involved in the personalized medical revolution that is sweeping the globe.

2. Closing the Global Skills Gap

Hosts: Mike King, Global Education Industry Executive, IBM, and David Ticoll, Executive Director, CareerMash

Debate solutions to the global skills gap, including pioneering educational innovations that could put world-class educational resources in the hands of aspiring students everywhere.

3. Smart Cities and Transportation

Hosts: Gerry Mooney, General Manager, Global Smarter Cities, IBM, and Jeb Brugmann, Author and Consultant, Welcome to the Urban Revolution: How Cities Are Changing the World

Explore ideas for sustainable urban living, and discover why the movement toward smart cities will be one of the most important developments of the 21st Century.

4. Energy, the Environment & Sustainability

Hosts: Sharon Nunes, Vice President, Global Government & Smarter Cities Strategy and Solutions, IBM and Dr. Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer, "Big Green" Innovations, IBM

Voice environmental concerns and related innovations, and discuss how the application of digital technologies can enable smart grids and smart appliances to help dramatically reduce global emissions by 2020 and deliver $464 billion in global energy cost savings to businesses, taxpayers, and consumers.

5. Media, Arts & Culture in the Digital Age

Hosts: Saul Berman, Global Strategy Consulting Leader, IBM, and Anthony Williams, Author, Wikinomics

Join the debate on the future of media and culture in a digital world, and learn how tech-savvy authors, journalists, musicians, filmmakers, and artists are adapting to the digital revolution.

The Jam is open to all IBMers, clients and all other interested participants for 72 hours: Tuesday June 5 at 8:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time through 8:00 p.m. Thursday June 7.

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